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2012.12.17 | Research news

IntlUni Launch Meeting in Aarhus 24-26 Oct 2012

Arriving on the mild though misty autumnal shores of the Jutland peninsula from all four corners of Europe – Bulgaria to Norway, Latvia to Portugal –

2012.12.17 | Site Specific

The Aarhus Experience - feedback from IntlUni Partners

The IntlUni Launch Meeting in Aarhus turned out to be an exciting as well as worthwhile experience for all participants. It was the first opportunity

2012.12.14 | Education, learning and philosophy

Partners from all over Europe to share knowledge about the international university

On 24–26 October 2012, partners from 38 universities and 28 countries were assembled at Aarhus University to share knowledge and experience about what

2012.12.14 | Education news

Challenges for international universities

Representatives from 38 universities in 28 countries met at Aarhus University from 24th to 26th October to share knowledge and experience about what i

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