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6th All Partner Meeting to be held in Ljubljana, 20-22 May 2015

Our next IntlUni all partner meeting is coming up and we greatly appreciate that the University of Ljubljana will be hosting this important event.

2015.05.15 | Mette Kastberg Lillemose

The IntlUni state-of-play

Now in our third year of the project, the sixth all partner meeting is the time when the 38 network partners will discuss and fine-tune the final outcomes and recommendations of the IntlUni project, bringing together the work that has been carried out since the project was launched in the autumn of 2012.

Most important are the IntlUni Principles for quality teaching and learning in the multilingual and multicultural learning space as well as the Illustrative samples, but conclusions from the previous work packages have also found their way into the draft recommendations that will be discussed at the meeting.

In addition to the Recommendations, this meeting will focus on the Impact and exploitation survey to be carried out among all partner institutions. The results of this survey will be synthesized in an Impact and Exploitation report that – like the Recommendations - will be presented at the IntlUni Final Conference.

This project has gone through all the well-known phases of large projects – from the initial enthusiasm in the first year to the confusion that creeps into the second year when so much of the work is still not done, says IntUni Coordinator Karen M. Lauridsen. But now – well into the third year – we see light at the end of the tunnel. Everything is coming together as it should. I have really enjoyed preparing this meeting, and I am looking forward to fine-tuning the Recommendations and to discuss with colleagues how IntlUni has impacted on us all as individuals and on our institutions and the work we do there.


The IntlUni Final Conference

The IntlUni Final Conference will be held at the Parlement bruxellois in Brussels on 24 September 2015.

We are very much looking forward to presenting the outcomes of IntlUni to external stakeholders and to decision makers and colleagues in our own institutions. I think we can be proud of what we have been able to achieve, offering a picture of the current situation in the multilingual and multicultural classroom of European Higher Education Institutions as well as recommendations for how the quality of the teaching and learning that goes on there, may be improved in future, says Karen M. Lauridsen.

The programme for the Conference comprises presentations of IntlUni outcomes; invited speakers and panelists – experts, HEI leaders and representatives of European associations – will respond to these outcomes at the Conference.

Programme and registration for the conference will be accessible on the IntlUni website in early June.

Further details about the IntlUni project may be found on the IntlUni website or our Facebook and Twitter profiles.

We at the IntlUni secretariat in Aarhus look forward to seeing a lot of our IntlUni colleagues again in Ljubljana for yet another fruitful and interesting IntlUni Network meeting.

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