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Major IntlUni Workshop with External Experts in Braga, Portugal on 5 November 2014

The IntlUni Erasmus Academic Network held its first major workshop in connection with the fifth IntlUni partner meeting at the University of Minho in Braga, Portugal on 4-7 November 2014. Approximately 70 people from higher education institutions across Europe took part in the event that marked the end of the first two years of the IntlUni project.

2014.11.26 | Mette Kastberg Lillemose

IntlUni Coordinator Karen M. Lauridsen welcomes everyone to the IntlUni Workshop - The Multilingual and Multicultural Learning Space in the International University.

ACA Director Bernd Wächter presented the key results of the project Rethinking the Role of English-Taught Programmes in the EHEA. The report of the study will be published in December: Wächter, B & Maiworm, F. (2014) English-Taught Programmes in European Higher Education. The state of play in 2014. Bonn: Lemmens.

Jos Beelen, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, NL talked about Internationalisation of the Curriculum. Part of the internationalisation efforts at higher education institutions is to ensure that the programmes offered have an international dimension in content and in the teaching / learning processes and practices.

There is a growing need for in-service training of lecturers, and the FIESOLE project that Nick Byrne, London School of Economics and Political Science, presented in Braga, has addressed this burning issue by developing a teacher training module targeting young members of academic staff.

Axel Aerden, NVAO – nederlands-vlaamse accreditatieorganisatie, NL talked about the Certificate for Quality of Internationalisation – The CeQuInt project

The full day workshop was first devoted to presentations by invited external experts on topics relevant to the IntlUni aims and objectives. In the afternoon the draft IntlUni principles for quality teaching and learning in the multilingual and multicultural learning space were presented by the work package leaders and subsequently discussed by a panel of external experts.

At the end of the day, all IntlUni partner representatives, including the guests from the partner institutions as well as members of the IntlUni Evaluation Board had the opportunity to take part in the discussions with the panel members.

IntlUni coordinator Karen M. Lauridsen found it a very stimulating event. ‘I am very pleased that the external colleagues and experts accepted our invitation to participate in the Braga event. At this stage in a three-year project, it is important to involve experts from outside the project to take on the role of critical friends and thereby contribute to the quality of the final outcomes. We know where we are and where we are headed, but at the same time we also appreciate the opportunity to adjust the course for the final year. Now it is up to the work package leaders and all the other partner representatives to take the input from the external experts and colleagues into consideration in the final stage of the project, and I am very much looking forward to participate in that process,’ says Karen M. Lauridsen.

The IntlUni principles for quality teaching and learning in the multilingual and multicultural learning space were presented by work package leaders Kevin Haines, University of Groningen, NL, and Stacey Cozart, Aarhus University, DK.

Towards quality criteria and final recommendations - Panel discussion of IntlUni principles and measures followed by interaction with the audience

The panel consisted of (from the left): 

  • Jos Beelen, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, NL

  • Jeanine Gregersen, University of Hull, UK

  • Karen M. Lauridsen, Aarhus University, DK (IntlUni Coordinator & chair of session)

  • Axel Aerden, NVAO – nederlands-vlaamse accreditatieorganisatie, NL

  • Nick Byrne, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

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