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Plans for the final seven months of IntlUni: principles, recommendations and impact

Bright sunshine greeted the IntlUni Management Committee and Work Package Leaders as they met in Copenhagen 25-27 February to talk through the final months of the project.

2015.03.05 | Kate Borthwick & Mette Kastberg Lillemose

The IntlUni Members of the Management Committee and the Work Packages Leaders

Fruitful discussions among IntlUni colleagues

Brainstorming and planning

The next few months will see project work brought together in several key reports synthesising the findings of the project, and IntlUni itself will close with a celebratory conference in Brussels on 24th  September. February’s meeting saw discussion about the shape and structure of these reports and how we can communicate the useful work that the IntlUni partner network has completed to the wider world.

IntlUni Principles for Quality Teaching and Learning

The meeting started out with a review of changes made to the recent report of preliminary results from work package 4: IntlUni Principles for Quality Teaching and Learning in the Multilingual and Multicultural Learning Space (MMLS). This document underwent a review after the November meeting in Braga, Portugal, and WPLLs Thomas Vogel, Kevin Haines, Stacey Marie Cozart talked the group through their final revisions.  A final version of this document will be available on the website shortly. This key document synthesises the results of the project so far and will inform the recommendations for policy and practice which come out of IntlUni.

Recommendations, Impact & Exploitation

The main body of the meeting was devoted to planning the activities of the two new work packages which will take place in the final stages of the project: WP5 – recommendations and WP8 – impact and exploitation.

WP5 will involve the drafting of recommendations for policy and practice in the MMLS at institutional/local, national/regional and European/international levels.

WP8 will explore the impact of the project on participants and other stakeholders. With a participant group of 38 partners from 27 countries, we eagerly anticipate our findings!

Don Peckham, Work Packages Leader of WP 8 had the following comment to the work of developing a grid for the partner impact and exploitation reports:

"We hope that WP8 will allow us to reflect on some important aspects of how the work we have been doing is impacting our own institutions and our own professional lives. Right now we are working on a brief internet survey which should help us do this. At the partner meeting in Ljubljana, part of the program will be devoted to looking at the impact of IntlUni".

Final conference

The meeting closed with an outline of preparations underway ahead of the IntlUni closing conference on 24th September, in Brussels. This conference will be an opportunity to share and discuss project findings and experiences with other expert stakeholders, and will also be a celebration of the project’s success.

Thanks to project partner, Joyce Kling, at the Centre for Internationalisation and Parallel Language Use, for hosting this meeting in the spacious and comfortable surroundings of the University of Copenhagen. The next all-partner meeting, will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 20-22 May, and we are all looking forward to meeting again to share our experiences and knowledge of the multilingual, multicultural learning space.


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