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Work Package 1

  • Management


The coordinating institution is Aarhus University, Denmark, at which the Project Coordinator (PC) and the Project Manager (PM) are employed. The PC runs the project in collaboration with the Project Management Committee (MC), and the Work Package Leaders (WPLL).

The MC consists of the PC and two more experts (the three of them representing a geographical spread across Europe). The PC is chair of the MC.

For each of the WPs, two experts from two different partner HEIs in two different countries have been identified, and these WPLL participate in MC meetings in preparation of and during the time span of their respective WPs. This applies to the core content of the project (WPs 2-5) as well as Dissemination (WP 7) and Exploitation (WP 8).

Quality Assurance (WP 6) is the responsibility of the PC, PM and MC in collaboration with WPLL. A project-external Evaluation Board evaluate project outcomes and processes throughout the 3-year period, and participate in all-partner meetings once a year to get a first-hand impression of the project.

The PC & PM are responsible for communication with the EB; for the written agreements with all partner HEIs, and for subcontracting (WP 7).

The MC meet (with the relevant WPLL) in conjunction with all-partner meetings. In addition to this, the MC and relevant WPLL meet every year in February in order to follow up on what has been achieved since the October all-partner meeting and to prepare the content of the May/June all-partner meeting.

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