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WP 5

Work Package 5

Development of Recommendations

As a result of the work of WPs 2-4, the typology of scenarios, the identification of the challenges as well as the characteristics of successful practice as regards the teaching and learning in the M&MLS of the International HEI, the PPs will be ready to draft recommendations as to what should be done at institutional/local, national/regional and European/international levels and, cutting across that, what should be done in different types of HEIs (HEIs having reached different stages of maturity in the development towards the International HEI).

The PC, PM and WPLL will draft a set of recommendations to be discussed at the 6th all-partner meeting. As a result of that meeting, the draft recommendations will be posted on the website in order to elicit response from external stakeholders (electronic consultation).

The final draft of these recommendations will be presented at the final conference (September 2015) to which high-ranking representatives at local, national and European levels will be invited. As a result of the response received at the conference, the recommendations will be finalised and posted on the website (final results).

Work Packages Leaders

Margrit Wetter, Sapienza University of Rome, IT

Anna Stavicka, University of Latvia, LV

Emma Dafouz Milne, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, ES

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