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Work package 6

  • Evaluation and quality assurance

Evaluation and quality assurance

Generally speaking, it is the responsibility of the Project Management and the respective WPLL in cooperation with all PPs to ensure the quality of the project both as regards the process and the expected outcomes. - The specific QA assurance measures are the following:

An Evaluation Board (EB)

Members of the EB follow the project in two ways:

By participating in the 1st, 3rd and 5th all partner meetings as well as the IntlUni Final Conference in September 2015. At these events, the EB members are asked to provide feedback on what they observe: The quality of the content and outcomes as well as the process leading up to the meeting and the meeting itself. This feedback is shared not only with the Management Committee and WPLL, but also with the PPs as a whole and is intended to contribute to the quality of the project and its outcomes.

In addition to this, and in between these meetings, the Evaluation Board members are able to follow the project via the electronic media and the IntlUni Newsletter and offer response to the MC, the WPLL and the PPs as a whole.

The EB chair is responsible for writing a (relatively short) Evaluation Report after the meetings and at the end of the Project. Evaluation of the outcomes are always measured against the aims and objectives defined for the IntlUni project.

Other experts

The quality of the project and the expected outcomes ultimately rest with all the PPs. In addition to the expertise and quality that they will bring to the project, the project outcomes are informed by project-external stakeholders: External experts were invited to provide input at the workshop held in conjunction with the 1st all-partner meeting (WPs 2 and 3); and external experts will be invited to provide feedback to the preliminary results at the workshop to be held in conjunction with the 5th all-partner meeting (WP 4).

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