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WP 7


As it appears from the descriptions of the project and the WPs 2-6 above, electronic media play a crucial role in the project.

The UntlUni website with its web 2.0 applications is the central medium of internal and external communication throughout the project.

The IntlUni Newsletter (electronic) serves a project-internal as well as a project-external communication purpose. It is issued at least twice a year in order to update stakeholders on the progress of the project as well as the outcomes achieved, and to draw attention to the consultations with external stakeholder conducted via the Blogs on the website.

PowerPoint presentation: A standard PowerPoint presentation of the IntlUni project and the outcomes achieved (to the date in question) is provided for PPs who have the opportunity to present the project in a given professional context.

Printed materials are limited to a minimum: A ’bookmark’ is available with project title and logo as well as the LLP logo in order to disseminate information about the appropriate links to the electronic media mentioned above. In addition to this, a letterhead and cover page for documentation has been designed.

The Final Conference to which will be invited a range of stakeholders at local, national and European levels. A select group of these stakeholders will be invited to comment on the outcomes of the project in a series of expert panels that will be asked to respond to what has been achieved in the course of the project and, in particular, the final recommendations (cf. WP5).


Work Packages Leaders

Peter Stear, Freie Universität Berlin (FUB), DE

Kate Borthwick, University of Southampton, UK

The programme for the final conference as well as the final version of the project outcomes (2015) can be found here

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