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WP 8

Work package 8

Synthesis of impact and exploitation reports

Early in the 3rd year, when the work within WP 4 is well underway, PPs will be able to start gauging the impact of the project, and to report on the way in which project results have been exploited within their own HEIs. WPLL will collect and disseminate examples of this within and without the IntlUni Network through the electronic media, notably the Newsletter.


In month 29, WPLL in collaboration with the PC and PM will develop a grid for partner impact and exploitation reports and circulate this to all PPs. The PPs will then write these reports during months 29-33 and present them at the 6th all-partner meeting in month 33.


At the same time (months 29-33) project external stakeholder will be invited to identify and briefly describe any exploitation of results outside the IntlUni Network (electronic consultation).


Based on these (internal and external) impact and exploitation reports, WPLL will prepare a synthesis report and presentation. These documents will be used at the IntlUni Final Conference and will also be posted on the website.

Work Package Leader

Janina Cünnen, University of Freiburg, DE

Don Peckham, University of Szeged, HU

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